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Appendix  VL

have equal speeds. The changes are obtained by moving A to
right or left, to engage the frame cone at the low speed and the
cone G for the solid drive. The two epicyclic boxes provide
therefore four speeds, while the axle bevels give the reversal.
Epicyclic gear has much to recommend it for cars, the teeth
being always in mesh, % but not in action when not reducing.
The Gobron-Brillie^ Fig. 1057, is a balanced engine of great


interest. e/f he cylinders are closed at both ends by pistons only,
c c and D D, those at D D having the usual connecting rods, while
the further ones c c have short rods to a transom or gudgeon G,
d long rods F F outside to cranks B B which directly oppose the
t cranks A A. The explosions moving the pistons simul-
nsly outward, the reciprocating weights in one direction are
\ to completely balance opposite-moving ones, and there
xplosions to balance. The Engines are usually arranged